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Learn to Code Your Own Websites, Games & Apps.

  • ◈  $150 per course  ◈  Self Paced Online Courses ◈  Live Mentor Chat Support Mon – Fri  ◈  Each Course is one semester worth of content ◈  For Students ages 11+Self graded tests and quizzes  ◈  Mentor feedback and project uploadsKeep access to the course forever!

Available Computer Coding Courses

Intro to Programming (Beginner, assumes no coding experience)

Updated January 2019**

Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript to code your own Websites! Students create two separate websites through the lessons. Then they learn how to upload them live on the web.

Final Project will be to code your own website to become your online portfolio!  As they complete more projects they’ll be able to go back and add those projects to their website and expand their portfolio.

JavaScript Game Design (Beginner assumes no coding experience)

Learn JavaScript by creating Three different browser games! Customize your games to your liking!

Final project is to code your own game in JavaScript!  Upload your courses live to the web and add them to your coding portfolio.

This is our most popular course and loved by thousands of students getting them started into coding!

JavaScript Game Design 2 (Intermediate)

Advance you JavaScript skills by create two more fun Browser Games! First is a Tower Defense game and the 2nd a Racing Game. Upload your games to your portfolio and live on the web!

Python Multiplayer Adventure (Intermediate)

Learn Python by first creating an awesome text adventure game. Afterwards use the popular Kivy graphics library to code a simple painting app and a multiplayer space adventure game! Upload to your portfolio.

Intro to Java (Intermediate)

Create multiple programs while learning Java including mad libs, card shuffler, stick game and many more. Then use Swing to code a UI and create 3 player tic tac toe and also a picture shuffler!  Create an executable jar file and display your programs live on your coding portfolio.

Minecraft Mods in Java (Intermediate)

Use Java to add new class files creating custom items, blocks, tools, weapons, armor, mobs and special items!

Android Apps in Java (Advanced)

Use the Android Studio IDE and Java to create four different apps! The final app is an sweet game!

iOS Apps in Swift (Advanced)

Use the xcode and Swift to create four different apps! The final app is an sweet game!

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How to Enroll!

Talk with your education specialist (or equivalent) at your charter school and request a Simply Coding Course (or two)!

Once we receive the order we’ll contact you on how to create a username and password to our site and start coding!

If you don’t see your charter school on our list, let them know about us!

Questions? Ask Away.

Why Coding?!

Don’t let your child get left behind.  In today’s world where every company has a website and everything is passed electronically, we firmly believe every student should at least complete both beginner coding courses! Those courses give them the skills to stand out and be helpful in any career.

Also, for our entrepreneurial students,  knowing coding will allow them to have meaningful conversations about their own company’s technology needs.  We have been teaching coding since 2012 and update / add to our courses every year.