Simply Coding Summer Camps 2018!

Join us for the Best Summer Coding Camps in Utah! Students will learn to code from great mentors in the real programming environment.  This is a step above Scratch,, Lego Mindstorm and other block coding programs. They will get to write all the code themselves starting with a blank file!

  • All Camps will be ran through UVU this year.
  • Coding camps are for youth ages 11+
  • Students keep all their code and online course access forever
  • $99 / camp
  • Computers are provided at location, students can bring their own laptop.
  • Be prepared to save your work! Bring an USB drive or have access to Google Drive
  • Best Summer Coding Camps in Utah

Camp Descriptions

JavaScript Game Design (11+):

Students will learn JavaScript by coding three different browser games.  They will be using a text editor called Sublime Text to write all their code.  They will learn:

  • How to create objects and have them appear on the screen
  • Edit images and create gifs for their games
  • Control objects on the screen with the keyboard
  • Collision detection
  • If statements, arrays, for loops and event listeners
  • Upload Games live to the web using GitHub!
  • If you have never done JavaScript start here First! Then you can do the others!

Minecraft Mods in Java (12+):

Students will learn how to create their own Java files and add them to the popular game Minecraft.  They will be using eclipse to code their Java classes in.  No minecraft account is needed! They will learn:

  • The structure of Java, including classes, methods & constructors
  • How to create new items, blocks, tools, armor, weapons, mobs and much more.
  • How to add your new code to Minecraft
  • How to package Java files into Jars for other people to use!

Virtual Reality in JavaScript (11+ Googles Included!):

Students will learn how to create their own Virtual Reality Experience using the A Frame Library in JavaScript:

  • Create modules and rooms.
  • Code in an inventory to hold and replace things in your hand.
  • Move around by looking in specific places or by using the d pad.
  • Create an escape adventure and host it live online!

JavaScript 3D Game Design (11+):

Students will learn how to create their own3D Gaming Experience using the Babylon Library in JavaScript:

  • Create modules and interact with them.
  • Control the camera to see in a complete 360 degree view.
  • Students will be creating a racing game with a track and main player.
  • Code your game and host it live online!

Python Multiplayer Adventures (12+):

Students will learn how to create their own programs using Python.  They’ll be using IDLE and create a choose your own adventure and then a multiplayer adventure:

  • Code your choose your adventure game learning, loops, statements, variables and much more in python.
  • Turn your adventure multiplayer using sockets and interacting with the browser.
  • Allow real time events to see who can escape the maze first!
  • Host your game locally for others to join!

Android Apps in Java (13+):

Students will learn how to create native apps in Java using Android Studio.

  • They’ll be able to access lessons helping them code 4 different Apps!
  • This course will go over Java and using it with Android Studios.
  • Upload your apps live on the play store.
  • Apps students code include: Sound Board, flashlight, GPS locater and a Sweet Jump Game (like bubble jump)!

Why Do These Camps?

Our Goal is to expose youth to code in its real environment with great teachers.  Coding is a lot of fun and become very necessary to learn, especially the basics. They will learn how to code.  Not only do we teach students how to code, but also how to upload it live online to share.  This online portfolio of their code will be very beneficial as they apply for internships and college! See example online portfolio here!