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All Games coded by our very own Simply Coding Students!  Click Here to Play a Multiplayer Dungeon Race Game in Python!

Simply Coding’s
Demo Videos for Kids!

Custom Game!

Jack Saltsgaver
Custom Game!

Custom Game!

Allison Pollard
Custom Game!

Chance Holman
Best Overall Levels!

Julian O’Connor
Best Main Player!

Mark Hoffman
Best Animated Scene (main player dying)!

Nolan Vo
Best Original Art Work

Jordan Herget
2nd Place

Joshua Millward
1st Place

Quinn Klostermann
Best Boss Battle!

Xander Hardy
Best Main Character!

Kyle Greer
3rd Place!

Heber Ford
Most Creative Game!

Michael Paul

Your Own Game

You Are Next

Adam Herman

Andrew Tiberius

Your Own Game

You Are Next

Ryan Pace
2nd Place (2015)

Terance Hirsch
1st Place (2015)