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Registration button will take you to a form to create your Parent Account. The dashboard in the parent account will allow you to easily create all the Student Accounts you need. Once created, the student accounts are immediately accessible.

Course Flow

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Students start with beginner courses and unlock additional courses by completing projects and challenges. Create Minecraft Mods in Java, personalize games in JavaScript and Python, learn Website Development, 3D Game Design, and more!

Membership Benefits

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Benefits include Live Chat Support, weekly live teacher demos and Q/A sessions, and the option to schedule one-on-one Screen Share sessions. With over 300 hours of course material, we will help your child find the best learning method to fit their individual needs.

About Simply Coding

Perfected in the classroom, now available for a great at home online experience!

Simply Coding Founders

Left to right: Joe, Seth

Hi! We are Seth and Joe. We created Simply Coding in response to a revelatory conversation we had about a specific need that wasn’t met in our own schooling. We were business partners in the tech industry for many years before we realized that having been exposed to tech in middle and high school would have made a world of difference for us. However, personal experience was not enough, so after some convincing on Joe’s part, we wrote a small coding tutorial and ran a summer camp. Joe is the 9th of 12 siblings and at the time had over 60 nieces and nephews who became the target audience for testing the new material.

Our first camp started as a phone call to a former high school to reserve a computer lab and 20 extended family members. It was a great success. The students had no background in computers and were having fun meaningful experiences. A local charter school noticed the results and asked for semester-long courses. We put their heads down and created the first complete curriculum. Simply Coding was born.

From the beginning, our the goal was to turn a child’s interest in computers into real-world skills that last a lifetime. The 300 hours of course material are designed to teach children how to analyze information, design solutions, and solve problems using mathematics, logic, and algorithms. Most importantly, we try to make learning tech fun because we’ve learned from the thousands of students we’ve instructed that fun is what piques their interest and keeps them engaged in the learning process.

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