Frequently Asked Questions

Coding is a huge industry and creates so many pathways.  By learning to code when you are young, you will be able to find what you like and want to pursue deeper.  It gives you time to explorer different areas coding has to offer.

Kids are so unique and are very capable.  We’ve had kids as young as 8 do wonderful and others it was best to wait until 12 or 13.  Our courses are written for the average 6th grader. However, the skills that will help learning to code be more enjoyable are typing and reading comprehension.

Many schools offer coding and would like to offer more, but because of resource limitations they can only teach very basic concepts.  Most of the time they aren’t able to prepare students for college level courses or careers.  We teach students coding using industry standard coding environments to give them a realistic experience. Our pathway is prepares students for college level courses and helps them create their own online coding portfolio to show to potential employers.

Online coding offers you a pathway to go at your own pace while having mentor help through chat support.  Classroom coding will also give the students a more traditional setting where they can talk with a in room teacher and work with other kids.

We have help with a lot of fundraisers.  Please contact us if you are interested.  We can help with summer camps, after school programs and many other areas.

We discourage this for a few reasons.  We really want the students to be able to unlock lessons and courses at their own pace.  Also it makes it easier for our live mentors to help our students quickly if they know where they are at in the lessons.  Coding is a personal experience and lots of customization happens throughout the lessons.  It’s been a better experience for the student when he has his own login.

Simply Coding is currently aligned with the Standards and Objectives in the state of Utah. Most states have similar computer science (CS) requirements.

Yes! We absolutely do. For pricing you can go here: