This summers game design competition is all about Boss Battles, no levels to pass, no coins to collect just straight mano a mano (head to head) competition.

Put your coding skills to the test and code up your OWN Boss Battle!

Submitting Games

All games must be submitted by, Midnight (12am) August 12th, 2017.

We’ll have a website ready for you to upload them to!


Results and Prizes will happen via live stream on August 19th 2pm EST (it will be an online party!).

You do not need to be present to win a prize! We’ll film the whole thing and send it out to everyone!


  • For Simply Coding Students, who are taking or have complete the JavaScript – Platform Game Design Course, ONLY!
  • Can work individually or in a group of 2 (prize would be split).
  • Must be younger than 18.
  • Game Needs to be written in JavaScript using the simply.js library!
  • Boss Battle must come with menu page that has instructions on how to play!
  • Deadline for final Game turn in is August 12th (we’ll have place on our website for you to upload to)!
  • Results will be revealed via live stream on August 19th!
  • You can submit multiple games, but only one award per person/group!
  • Simply Coding teachers can help guide and direct but cannot code any part of your game!

Prizes: Delivered in Amazon Gift Cards (Since I’ll need to email / mail the prize off)!!!

  • Best Overall Boss Battle: $50 scholarship
  • Best Boss (Design and functionality): $30 scholarship
  • Best Main Player (design and functionality): $30 scholarship
  • Best Original Art Work: $30 (use, gimp, photoshop or a program similar. It must be your own original drawing!)
  • Most Popular:$30 (voted by participant, more details to come as we get closer to the end)
  • Best in game hidden Easter Egg shoutout to Simply Coding: $35

***Uploading a game gets participants name entered into our RAFFLE! Raffle items include: Free courses, Amazon Gift Cards ($10), USB Drives, and other things that I’ll come up with along the way ***

Visit the Code Warrior forum to ask questions! (Must be logged into Simply Coding account to visit Forum).

To view game design competitions for game ideas click here!

Good Luck and Let the Games Begin!