Live Webinar! Code A JavaScript Game in 45 min! Watch the Video Below!

Video Highlights!

Feel free to pause and replay the video over and over.  Use the chat support in the bottom right if you have any questions!

0:00 – 0:56 INTRO, see the game you’ll be coding!

0:58 – 3:53 TEXT EDITORS, download a text editor. It’s where you’ll be writing all of your game code!

3:55 – 8:56 WORKSPACE, images and saving your code! This will be a folder you create to save all your work!

8:58 – 14:21 BACKGROUND IMAGE, learn the JavaScript code to add a background image to the game! Learn all about your HTML and JavaScript setup!

14:23 – 17:26 MAIN PLAYER, learn the JavaScript code to create your spaceship into the game and move his location around!

17:28 – 20:50 CONTROLLING THE PLAYER, learn the JavaScript code to control the main player with the keyboard!

20:52 – 25:43 LASER, learn the JavaScript code to shoot a laser from the main player!

25:45 – 29:35 ENEMIES, learn the JavaScript code to create enemies into your game!

29:37 – 33:17 RANDOM EVENTS, learn the JavaScript code to randomize the enemies speed and location!

33:19 – 36:26 COLLISION DETECTION, learn the JavaScript code for when two objects collide! Decide what happens during a collision!

36:28 – 41:21 KEEPING SCORE, learn the JavaScript score to keep score and use the score to win the game!

41:23 – 45:11 GAME TWEAKS, time to polish the game and control different code blocks to make it harder or easier!

45:13 – 48:35 WHAT’S NEXT, what to do to keep learning and having fun coding!

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