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This is an area we’d really love to find more partners and grow with you!

We can all remember an experience of discovering something we love and for many that led us into the profession we are in today!

With all the opportunity in Tech it’s important students get exposed at a young age and find what they enjoy!

We work with excellent partners in the online space, providing all kinds of coding and technology courses!

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Online Virtual Courses

For those wanting to offer high school credit and would like to carry an excellent coding course we may be a great fit for you!

We are aligned to multiple standards and objectives. The best course to begin with is:

Computer Science Principles:

This course is a combination of Web Development and Game Design.

The Web Development course teaches the students HTML, CSS & JavaScript. They’ll create two different websites, one using the bootstrap framework to learn how webpages are created for tablets and mobile devices.

The Game Design course teaches students JavaScript as they create three different Browser Games. At the end of the course they’ll be coding their very own computer game!

Click Here for syllabus of how it completes the standards for the Computer Science Principles 1.0 credit course!

Ask about other courses as well, included AP CS-A, Computer Programming 1, Keyboarding and many others!