Roblox Studio with LUA for Kids COURSE

Learn LUA as you engaged with Roblox Studios creating and customizing multiple projects including a fun multi-level obstacle course!

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minecraft coding for kids

Roblox Studio with LUA a-la-carte purchase

$69.95/mo $59.95 one time purchase

LUA Coding for Kids Course Highlights:

  • Learn LUA to create your own custom Roblox worlds
  • Create a multiple level obstacle course and much more
  • Over 35 hours of curriculum content
  • Work in a real Roblox Studio IDE
  • Fun Interactive lessons teaching real world coding
  • Step by step activities with video reviews for every lesson
  • Share your worlds with your friends
  • Live Mentor chat support Mon – Fri

Course Description:

Have you ever wanted to create your own custom Roblox world using LUA and Roblox studio? Roblox is one of the best put together platform for learning how to code!

This LUA coding program teaches students how to:

  • Use Roblox Studio (free) to create a world
  • Use LUA to customize and make your world exactly how you want it
  • Create multiple levels and difference game experiences
  • Do things that only LUA will let you do inside Roblox

This course is for both Mac and Windows computers and comes with 10 full LUA coding lessons. We encourage students to use the live chat support for any questions that they may have along the way. Syllabus coming soon.

minecraft coding for kidsCourse Creation:

This Roblox Studio with Lua coding for kids course is designed by professional programmers and updated regularly.  The content itself has been designed based on the feedback of thousands of kids who have helped us test, refine, and perfect our system.  Feedback from our users is very valuable and each summer we provide new free content and updates for those who have purchased this course! Each summer more courses are added and our great existing ones get great updates!

See course images and student projects below!