Course Syllabus and Lesson Planner

Course Info:  

This course is written for beginners in the k – 5 grade levels. It gives students a complete tutorial of the program know as Scratch and will teach the different tools you have at your disposal. There will be quizzes and projects that will have you apply the skills that you just learned.


In this course, there are 6 modules that will cover each of the code blocks, stage, sprites, and custom blocks area.

  • Module 1 – Scratch Overview and Vector vs Bitmap mode.
  • Module 2 – Creating Scripts
  • Module 3 – Costumes and Sounds.
  • Module 4 – Creating a Game.
  • Module 5 – Creating Shapes and Message Broadcasting.
  • Module 6 – Custom Blocks.

This course is developed to be 1 semester in length for students grades k – 5. (See Lesson Plan below)

Course Prerequisites (if applicable):


Course Requirements:    

  Computer– Students must have access to a computer with internet access and an internet browser.  Simply Coding has been successfully tested using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.  Any computer including Chromebooks with internet access and a browser will be able to complete this course. Internet Access – Although results may vary, based on connection type and speeds, we have tested our online videos on DSL, Satellite, Cable, and cellular connections.  Our courses cannot be download and require internet access to view them. Course Grading:  

Grading will be based on quizzes, project uploads, and teacher requirements.