Two Ways to Learn Coding!


Ideal for individuals, home schools that do not meet in groups, and anyone else wanting to do private pay.


Register for Summer Camps we have them at various locations from Ogden to Provo!!!  Minecraft Mods, JavaScript Game Design and more!


Simply Coding students preparing for a career or college level course!

  • Leap from consuming technology to creating it.

    Young people today are coming of age at a time when technology is changing how they think, play and socialize.  They embrace technology and consume it with an almost insatiable thirst.  Some parents worry their children’s fascination for all things digital will make them slaves of technology.  Fortunately, more and more parents and educators are recognizing the exciting opportunities that await children who learn how to become masters of the technology they enjoy.

    Code is what powers our digital world.  It’s creates the software that operates our computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and many other electronic devices.  Students that learn coding make the leap from playful users of software to imaginative thinkers who are able to actually create it.  It’s an educational pathway that helps them acquire skill sets necessary to become the architects and builders of tomorrow’s digital world.

  • We make learning code simple and fun.

    At Simply Coding, we turn your child’s interest in computers into real world skills that last a lifetime.  We teach them how to analyze information, design solutions and solve problems using mathematics, logic and algorithms.  Most importantly, we make coding fun because we’ve learned from the thousands of students we’ve instructed that fun is what piques their interest and keeps them engaged in the learning process.

    At Simply Coding, we’ve partnered with parents and educators to build a real world coding curriculum for children ages 10+.  We designed a series of courses that are more than just random coding exercises, but rather a cumulative learning experience that creates a progressive pathway to higher education and careers.  How we’ve simplified coding instruction and kept it fun results in students who work harder, learn faster and understand more.

  • Take the next step.

    Explore our website.  Try our demos.  Read testimonials from parents and educators like yourself who have taken advantage of our learning experience.    The more you know about Simply Coding, the simpler it becomes to see why we’re the best choice in coding instruction.