Our Team

Seth Iorg

Co-Founder, Chairman of Board

Seth graduated from BYU in 2007 then worked at Bloosky Media from 2007-2009. At Bloosky he worked with multiple programmers building an email marketing platform. Seth was in charge of software functionality and execution. Working with computer programmers taught him the need and value of learning programming for himself. In 2009 he co-founded a software company, Infiniti Media. From working with multiple programmers all over the world and seeing the great need for kids to learn this skill at a younger age, he founded Simply Coding in June of 2013. Seth wrote and designed all of Simply Coding’s courses with help from various programmers.

Dustin Mower

CEO, Board Member

Dustin graduated from University of Utah in 2006 and actually purchased his first internet retail store in his last semester of college. From there he learned (SEO) Search Engine Optimization & SEM Search Engine Marketing tactics. In 2012 he decided to start manufacturing and private labeling his own products and launched Angel Direct Products and quickly saw immediate success through selling on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, and Amazon Europe channels. Dustin approached Seth in summer of 2015 with the idea to actually use Amazon as a "marketing" platform to attract buyers that were interested in computer programming courses for kids. Later that fall they launched the JavaScript - Game Design course and it became an Amazon Best Seller instantly. January, 2016 Seth asked Dustin to come on board and oversee product & business development.

Joe Schellenberg

Co-Founder, Board Member

Graduated from UVU in 2010. Joe joined Seth at Infiniti Media in November 2010. Joe has managed multiple servers, built many websites as well as trained many clients using Infiniti Media‘s software. He co-founded Simply Coding and was instrumental in testing and researching projects for all Simply Coding’s courses. Joe helps teach and design new courses. He also has a background in engineering new products that can help youth learn the skills necessary for the future of technology jobs.