Thanks to Adam Moore for his presentation about the dangers of pornography. It was awesome to listen to what he had to say. He’s a great presenter and allowed the audience to interact with him and ask questions.

Below are different services that offer content / time management solutions and how to implement them. if you have any questions please contact us.

Open DNS

Open DNS ( is a content management service. That is easy to implement and is managed with one admin login. It can be used on individual devices or on your wifi router to filter content of anyone connected to your internet.

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Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a paid service that offers a lot of protection, and can be installed on all types of electronics from computers to tablets to phones. You’ll be protected no matter where the device goes.

In addtion to offering content filters and time management solutions it also includes some other options. You can set social media settings to be notified of social media activity on one of your accounts. Also, you can have net nanny manage the account so no one in the family knows the admin password

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DD-WRT is software installed on your router, to control internet usage

It’s strong point is being able to control how long each device is allowed to access the internet. This software can be installed on most linksys type routers or you can purchase a buffalo brand router which comes pre-installed with dd-wrt software

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Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Family Safety is really a complete tool to protect any number of windows computers or tablets. You can have one or multiple admin accounts to control content and time limits on the internet for the other accounts. Kids accounts are easy to custom and allows them to request access to other sites. Parent accounts are notified of activity and site requests through email.

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Apple Parental Controls

Apple Parental Controls allows you to customize settings for each login account on your mac computers / ipads. iPhones have a different setting called ‘Restrictions’. With Mac Parental Controls you’re able to set both content filtering and internet usage limits. They also have a ‘kids’ setting that will only give them access to a handful of websites such as and any others that you include.

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