JavaScript for Kids Course – Game Design

This is a complete Javascript for kids course taught by Simply Coding that allows you to develop 3 style games and a custom game of your own!

javascript for kids

Course Objective:

This JavaScript for kids course is online and self-paced with auto-graded quizzes and tests. It is specifically designed for youth ages 11+ teaching JavaScript assuming no prior coding knowledge.

Students will learn to code using a free text editor, sublime text, downloaded to their own computer. Students will write all the code themselves following the online lesson tutorials.  They will learn coding concepts such as functions, variables, properties, loops, intervals if statements, and much more.

The course concludes with a tutorial for students to code their very own custom game! Take a look at the code dungeon to see what other kids have created using the Javascript for kids course material here.

This course is for both Mac and Windows computers and consists of 10 full JavaScript for kids lessons. We encourage students to use the live chat support for any questions that they may have along the way.  See javascript for kids pdf syllabus here.

JavaScript Game Design Course

$40.00 one time purchase

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JavaScript for Kids Course Highlights:

  • Learn JavaScript by coding a Pong game, Fish game, and Mario style side-scrolling game!
  • Full lesson on Coding Your Own Custom JavaScript Game
  • Fun Interactive Lessons teaching real-world coding
  • Step by step activities with video reviews for every lesson
  • Upload finished games live on the web, starting your online portfolio
  • Participate in Game Design Competitions
  • Live Mentor chat support Mon – Fri
  • Over 35 hours of content

JavaScript for Kids Course Description:

Have you ever wanted to code your own games and share them with others?

These video game design classes for kids teach youth how to code games using JavaScript and play them in a web browser. The lessons assume no prior coding experience and will walk you through coding your own pong game, fish game, platform game, and then finally your own custom JavaScript game!

Each lesson will introduce a new JavaScript concept using interactions. Next, you will practice your JavaScript in a little in-browser text editor.  Last, you’ll be ready to follow a step by step activity to add new code to your game, saved to a workspace on your computer.

Each lesson also includes video reviews to help you as you learn this great javascript coding language.

At the end of the course you will get to both publish your games live on the web, using GitHub, and also code your very own custom JavaScript game! This course is design for youth ages 11+.

javascript for kidsCourse Creation:

This java script for kids course is designed by professional programmers and updated regularly.  The content itself has been designed based on the feedback of thousands of kids who have helped us test, refine, and perfect our system.  Feedback from our users is very valuable and each summer we provide new free content and updates for those who have purchased this course! This course is part of the Simply Coding Pathway!

See course images and student projects below!