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Course Syllabus and Lesson Planner

Course Info:

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This course is written for beginners in the k – 5 grade levels. It gives students a complete tutorial of the program know as TuxPaint and will teach the different tools you have at your disposal. There will be quizzes and project that will have you apply the skills that you just learned.


In this course there are 7 modules that will cover proper sitting posture to all of the main keys on the keyboard including home, top, and bottom row keys, Shift, Enter, Backspace, caps lock, and tab.

  • Module 1 instructs the students on proper sitting posture at their desk while typing and hand(s) placement.
  • Module 2 will cover the Space Bar, Home Row Keys and the Reach Keys for the Middle Row.
  • Module 3 will cover the Top Row Keys and the Reach Keys for the Top Row.
  • Module 4 will cover the Bottom Row Keys and the Reach Keys for the Bottom Row.
  • Module 5 will cover the Shift keys and which finger is best to use.
  • Module 6 will cover the Enter and Backspace key and which finger is best to use.
  • Module 7 will cover the Caps Lock and Tab Keys.

Every module after module 1 will have a journal entry for the student to complete. They will practice their typing skills using an interactive space game, testing their speed and accuracy.  They will record the results in their journal.

Course Length:   

This course is developed to be 1 semester in length for students grades k – 5. (See Lesson Plan Below)

Course Prerequisites (if applicable):



Course Requirements:    

  Computer– Students must have access to a computer with internet access and an internet browser.  Simply STEM has been successfully tested using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.  In addition, we have tested many versions of smart phone/tablet browsers as well.

Internet Access – Although results may vary, based on connection type and speeds, we have tested our online videos on DSL, Satellite, Cable, and cellular connections.  Our courses cannot be download and require internet access to view them.

Course Grading:  

Grading will be based on quizzes, project uploads, and teacher requirements.

Lesson Plan:

Module 1 – Introduction Week 1
Module 2 – Learning the Tools (part 1)   Week 2
Module 2 – Quiz   Week 2
Module 2 – Project   Week 2
Module 3 – Learning the Tools (part 2)   Week 3
Module 3 – Quiz   Week 3
Module 3 – Project   Week 3
Module 4 – Tux Stamps   Week 4
Module 4 – Quiz   Week 5
Module 4 – Project   Week 4
Module 5 – Using Magic in Tux   Week 5
Module 5 – Quiz   Week 5
Module 5 – Project   Week 5
Study for Final Exam   Week 6
Final Exam – Tux Paint 4Kids   Week 6