In Coding the name of the game is Skills.  Companies like to see your work and what you can do.  There just isn’t a certificate that says, “Hey! I’m a good coder. Trust me.”

Instead the coding interview process goes something like this:

Interviewer: Let me see your coding portfolio.  (You show it to them)

Interviewer: Explain your code behind these projects (You talk about your fun coding projects and explain your code)

Interviewer: Wonderful, here’s a project I’d like you to do and then come back and we’ll talk about it.  (You have a week to complete their coding project then come back and show your work)

With Simply Coding you create your online coding portfolio every step of the way and add to it with every completed project. You will understand all the code and how to explain it in an interview, that’s our job.

I Don’t Want to be a Coder for My Career!

Great! I don’t either.  But as an entrepreneur I talk with great coders everyday. I can communicate with them very easily because I know how to code.  Whatever you become there will be a website and other tech involved.  You will be amazed how you will benefit by knowing how computers really work.  More and more job postings say: Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript a plus!  As an entrepreneur this education is invaluable.

Sample Student Coding Portfolio!