Scratch Coding for Kids Course

This is a complete Scratch coding for kids course taught by Simply Coding that includes all the coding exercises, lessons, activities needed to learn the mit scratch coding program.

scratch coding for kids

Course Information:

This Scratch coding for kids course is online and self-paced with auto-graded quizzes and tests. It is specifically designed for youth ages 8+ or 3rd grade+ assuming no prior knowledge.

Students may use any pc with an internet connection and a web browser including Mac, Windows, or Chromebooks. Students will follow the online lesson tutorials. They will learn scratch coding concepts such as sprites, bitmaps, vectors, events, motion, animation, if statements, loops, broadcasts, variables and much more.

Is scratch coding?
So sometimes we get asked if Scratch is real coding? And I would argue yes in a sense as it teaches the child necessary computer logic and how code blocks fit together. And who knows? With services in AI (artificial intelligence) like ChatGPT we may not be typing code soon anymore, but the logic will always be needed in the brain.

We encourage students to use the live chat support for our scratch coding class online with any questions that they may have along the way.  See the syllabus here.

Scratch Coding for Kids Course

$30.00 one time purchase

PLEASE NOTE:  If you want the physical gift card with a scratch-off pincode on the back, which serves well as a holiday or birthday present, then please click on one of the options below.

Scratch Coding for Kids Course Highlights:

  • Learn coding logic through MIT’s scratch program
  • Designed for kids ages 8+
  • Fun interactive videos teaching coding, images, and animations
  • Live mentor chat support Mon – Fri
  • 12 full lesson modules with videos, projects and quizzes
  • Custom scratchjr projects for kids to work on such as: Frogger, Dance Party, Jump Scare Maze and many more!

Course Description:

Here are a few questions we get. So what is scratch coding? Scratch coding lessons is a program developed to teach kids computer logic by dragging and dropping different code blocks that fit together like puzzle pieces. Is scratch coding free? YES! Or what is the appropriate coding age? 8+ This course walks kids through MIT’s scratch coding program giving them experience using all the different tools. They’ll have fun learning about different blocks and how to come together creating a game or animation.

There are in total 12 lesson modules each with their own project and quizzes and scratch games. Each module focuses on a different skill teaching them computer logic and preparing them for future courses. 

Scratch online is used all over the world, it’s a great program for kids to get their first exposure to coding.  This course gives them direction and purpose as they explore the world of computer science. Here is a great resource for parents to look at before signing up. 

With this Scratch online course we provide a scratch programming lesson plans pdf and syllabus here if you are a teacher or homeschool parent than needs a little extra help planning the scratch coding courses.

scratch coding for kidsScratch Coding Course Creation:

This course will give you a scratch login and is designed by professional programmers and updated regularly.  The content itself has been designed based on the feedback of thousands of kids who have helped us test, refine, and perfect our system.  Feedback from our users is very valuable and each summer we provide new free content and updates for those who have purchased this course! This course is part of the Simply Coding Pathway!

see images below of course