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See 12 yr old Josh show how to code computer games in days with our teaching methods!

How to Code Computer Games Video Highlights

[0:24] Every Mom’s Dream
[0:45] What’s the Real Question
[0:50] Tested on 1000’s
[1:07] How we Help your Child
[1:45] Don’t Consume it. Create it!
[2:06] Josh Codes Game in Days
[2:25] See Josh’s Game
[3:00] Our Whole Goal & Purpose
[3:30] Coding Projects
[4:05] Reveal our Proven Methods

Here We Reveal the Proven Methods (tested on 1000’s of kids)

By clicking on the button below you will see exactly how Josh showed the world how your child can code their very own computer games.

Hey there,

So if you haven’t already please go back and watch VIDEO ONE – Parent’s Challenge with Computer Time before moving on. It will give you a great overview of what to expect today in Video Two.

I chose Simply Coding for my son because he really enjoys playing computer games and as a mom computer games for me are not just okay all the time, I wanted him to be able to do something that would HELP him learn and grow.

I’m going to shoot straight with ya! In this day and age of technology jobs the question really is…is not whether your child should learn coding, but rather how can you best provide your child with that computer programming education. 

I’ve got real proven methods to show you refined and refined over & over again, tested on 1,000’s of kids with REAL FEEDBACK from parents like you and their CHILDREN! I’m a bit of a perfectionist to be honest and didn’t even put this coding curriculum online for kids until I had it EXACTLY the way I wanted it (which was about 2 years by the way).

how to code computer games

I now feel today that I’ve got PROVEN and BULLET PROOF online courses on how a child can code computer games easily and really excited to help your child learn these VALUABLE computer coding skills for any future job, college preparation or even an internship!

Make sure you keep watching all the videos. They’re short, sweet, and to the point. I’ve got just a little more to show you. I want to show you how this is going to build a childs resume for ANY JOB in ANY FIELD and give him/her an edge before they even turn 16 if that’s what it takes. I want to help them put their own coding portfolio on github (i.e. the new way tech companies look at resumes).

Here’s my PROMISE…

  • #1 PROMISE

    Your child will LEARN the real LIFE computer skills (none of that dragging and dropping they are doing in Scratch,, Khan, Hour of Code, etc. , etc. I mean I LOVE those programs, but personally I think your child is smarter than that!

  • #2 PROMISE

    I will help your child BUILD their SELF-ESTEEM and confidence! (watch video 3 to see how we do this)

I don’t expect you to trust me so I want to ACTUALLY SHOW YOU inside our coding curriculum for kids and the proven methods of TODAY so that your child will not get left behind in our fast pace world of tech jobs!

The world is moving at such a fast pace and honestly being a parent of 4 kids, it scares me, which is why I’m so passionate about this!

Instead of watching your own child play MINECRAFT all day, he’s going to be coding his own Mincraft modules or writing his own modifications to these open source computer games. And guess what? Your child is going to ENJOY IT!


    I show you just a small example of one of the games our students built in Javascript. I also play the game that shows a wizard shooting fireballs. There was quite a bit a math involved in this game. I’m tellin’ ya, your child is capable of doing this stuff! Once he finishes the course he’ll be ready to build his own game!!!

My whole goal is quite simple. I want them to CREATE their own ideas and then host their coding projects of games, websites, apps on that github portfolio that I’ve talked about before. Just so you know I will use games like pong, mario to teach the computer logic because it is something your child will be familiar with and an easy way to teach (i.e. one of the proven methods I use).

Your child by the end of the coding lessons will have that final project of being creative, expanding the mind by designing their own computer game with REAL WRITTEN CODE on his own computer environment and then on github! 

Go ahead and be proactive in your childs life. Opt-in below to get access to the next video and take a look at these AMAZING teaching methods before I take the video down soon!

Thanks for watching this short video on how your child can cod computer games with easy to follow lessons by Simply Coding. Let me know if you have any questions. You can comment below. I’ll respond as quickly as I can. If you want to see our pricing now you can click here.