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STOP Feeling Guilty! Computer Time Can be for Learning

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We really hope that you’ve enjoyed watching our short little video series on how we can help your child be ready for the future!

We know every child needs a background in technology. NOW IS THE TIME while your child is young to gain this computer coding knowledge.

Your child is not going to get this background in technology by just going through junior high and high school. Really…if their first exposure is in college, that’s a harder environment to succeed in and to get a good feel for what he/she enjoys doing as a career. It’s too late to get started.

More and more technology careers, like animation, graphic design, IT and pretty much anything dealing with computers require some sort of coding knowledge and see this as a HUGE advantage in their company.


    you as their parent have the great opportunity to get your kid into coding while their young. They’re curious about how games, websites, and Apps are made and spend time nearly everyday in front of screens…and showing them how to create their own game is something they will get excited about!

I wish I would‘ve got into coding at a younger age and not after age 26. But through my experiences of learning how to code on my own and hiring programmers through a previous company of mine, I’ve developed the PERFECT PATHWAY that teach kids how to code and have FUN doing it!

Our curriculum has been tested on 1,000’s of kids and we actually got to see them react to all the content we produced in REAL TIME right in front of our faces. This has helped us make our courses more interactive and also gave the kids tools to help them stay focused and enjoy learning. From there we tweaked and tweaked, then 2 years later POPLOW it was perfected.

All Simply Coding Courses are accredited and approved to be used in schools. In fact, their in charter and private schools, homeschool co-ops, and other educational institutions. We’ve even partnered with some Universities and Communities to prepare students for “real world” coding college level classes too.

NOW… we wanted to bring our pathway into YOUR HOME and give YOUR CHILD EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED.

So lets talk about some of the BENEFITS of Simply Coding vs Others:

  • Save You Money and Time

  • Experience Real World Coding

    (not scratch,, or other free online coding programs)

  • Eliminate Your Child’s Doubts & Boost Self-Esteem

  • Coding Competitions to Push and Motivate Students

  • Safe Anti-Bullying Coding Forum to Share Ideas and Help Others

I have actually been SUPER IMPRESSED with the level of help and individual attention that my kids have gotten over the last year and a half. My 12 year old son is now completing his own websites & designing his own video games so I can feel less guilty as a parent that he’s sitting in front of computer screens playing video games.

Don‘t Feel Guilty Any Longer. Screen Time Can Be for Learning! Here’s What Your Child Will Get Access To:

  • ACCESS to All Simply Coding Courses

    (JavaScript Game Design, Html,Css WEbsite, Python Multiplayer, Phone Apps, and Much More!)

  • BONUS #1 Private Monitored Community

    (Code Warrior Exchange. For Members Only)

  • BONUS #2 Live Mentor Chat Support

    ($20/month Value!)

  • BONUS #3 Live Weekly Q&A Webinars

    ($40/month Value!)

  • BONUS #4 Minecraft Mods in Java Course

    ($249 Value!)

  • BONUSE #5 14 day trial for ONLY $1 + $29.95/mo (40% off. Reg price $49.95/mo) for LIFETIME of Membership!

    (as long as you are a continued subscriber)
    Membership valued at $90/month + $249 for Minecraft in Java Course!

  • 45 Day Guarantee!

    Student will be able to code their own game or build their own website in 45 days!

  • Cancel Anytime!

    For any reason you are not satisfied with our service you can cancel your child’s membership at anytime. Or if he/she is too busy with school work for a period of a few months, you can put your account on hold and then resume it at a later date!

  • Payments Accepted

    Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Card, & Paypal.

  • Limited Seats Available

    Because we want to offer the BEST support, we can only allow a certain number of students inside our membership! So hurry and grab your spot before the doors close.