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Is Your Child Playing VIDEO GAMES, MINECRAFT or Watching YOUTUBE a Little Too Much?

Do you think video games are going to rot your child’s brain? If you answered YES, then you’re not alone.

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[0:06] Parents Use the FORCE
[1:32] PAINFUL Story Telling Time
[2:05] Your #1 Challenge as a Parent
[2:38] BOOST their Self-Esteem & Social Skills
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Make your Child’s Computer Time More Productive with This EASY and FUN Game instead of playing video games

playing minecraftplaying video gamesHas your child done any kind of computer programming before? Have you heard him mention Scratch,, or any other free online program out there? Do you know if he’s learning anything from those things or are they just clicking the mouse playing video games?

The fact is…and I‘m going to tell you straight up that your child is very intelligent. I know and if I was a betting man that you’ve seen him on the computer and it amazes you at what he does….BUT I also know that you have a really BIG challenge or “fear” as I‘ve heard some mothers call it. And that is you’re afraid they‘re spending too much time on that darn computer playing Minecraft ( You want to know how to get your child to STOP playing video games Or my favorite one I’ve heard is, “my child sits and watches other kids RECORDED playing video games on Youtube and it drives me crazy!”

I‘m a parent too and I totally get you. Which is why I’m so passionate about what I’m going to tell you. Let me tell you what a few of our students told me:

“I’ve learned html, java.”

“I’ve learned 3 programming languages html, javascript, java.”

“I learned php, css, html, java.”

“I learned more in the first day than I did in 6 months.”

I know what you‘re thinkin’ if you are like most parents out there. What are these? Well… they are pretty much the standard coding languages of today’s best jobs/careers!

  • Think of it this way...

    How important do you think typing skills are? SUPER IMPORTANT right? Well… I’m tellin’ ya this is the next computer skill that in my mind really should be required in schools. But as you know schools don’t have the funding nor the resources as techy stuff like this is ever-changing. Now I know what you’re going to say…”what about STEM?” Well…no offense as I tip my hats off to those teachers, but my daughter bringing home a piece a paper telling her to make something out of a soda bottle and then bring it back the next day doesn’t quite convince me how this is going to help her in the future with a great job or her future husband for that matter!

Listen to what Josh one of our students told me the other day…

Listen to what these students said about Simply Coding vs playing video games: “Even if you don’t see yourself as a programmer, it’s still a great trait to have.” Or Colby. He said, “It’s a useful skill to have later in your life.”  But my favorite is what Cameron told me. “Definitely do it if their wanting to be in a job that deals with computers.”

So I’m going to tell you a little about MY OWN STORY.

I had gone all through high school and college, got a job after college working with this company and they put me on this project to manage programmers. This was actually my first exposure to computer programming. I instantly fell in love with it! I was amazed at what these guys were doing on computers.

Now you have to know something, I was 26 at the time and all I could think about is how did I get through my whole life never being exposed to this. I wish I would’ve had this at a younger age.

Now that I teach kids at a younger age, I‘m AMAZED at what these 12,13,14 all the way up to 18 year olds can do. Honestly, it’s unbelievable.

Just look at some of the benefits that your child will have at Simply Coding, which I explain in depth in the video above.

  • Save You Money and Time

  • Eliminate His Feelings of Inadequacies

  • Work under real environment

  • Obtain social skills

  • and Boost his self-esteem

So getting back to that challenge and fear you face as a parent is how do you help your child learn something “technical” or worthwhile while he’s in front of the computer and cut back on the gaming or video watching.


But you should use this “interest” he has in computers as a medium to TEACH him and he’ll LEARN how to code his own games, build his own websites while secretly understanding the real world computer principles.

The younger a child starts, I PROMISE YOU it will shape the way he thinks, acts, feels.

In 2013 I personally put a coding summer camp together with a bunch of kids, got them in a room with computers and taught them to code. I LEARNED A TON! I realized what these kids are capable of and then I did it again and again.

Fast forward to 2015 after 1000’s of kids attending my summer camps, and testing the courses in schools…

I FINALLY wrote the perfect online coding curriculum for kids based on all the feedback I received from the kids themselves and my own visual interactive observations.

  • Get Them Married!

    The idea came to me that finally I’m going to marry the needs of today’s jobs to good prepared coders.

  • My Goal

    I know what businesses want and the skills they’re looking for in your child. And honestly my goal is to make him feel ready to face those life’s obstacles of college and careers. It’s my passion, my M.O., goal in life.

The next video I want to show you real testimonials, and the skills and projects they will actually be learning inside the Simply Coding system.