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Cupcake Wars

Stop Feeling Guilty!

Have you seen Cupcake Wars? Then you need to see this!

Can video games improve learning? Is there really educational benefits of video games? If they’re creating them, then there is!

Video Highlights

[0:15] Don’t Feel Guilty Anymore!
[0:50] How You Will Feel Confident
[1:43] Cupcake Wars now Code Wars
[2:28] Walrus Obsession
[2:40] Coding Wrestler
[2:50] Next Mark Zuckerberg
[3:05] Silent Assassin
[3:15] Brain Injury Coder
[4:10] Josh Created this in Hours
[4:42] Here’s his Amazing Code
[4:57] Inside Simply Coding
[5:25] New Courses Being Added
[5:35] Everything Included!
[5:47] Let us Know your Fears
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Hopefully you’ve now had a chance to watch the first two videos. If not, go back and watch them. They’re short and to the point. There’s also two good articles that I read recently about the secret educational benefits of video games: (talks about boosting motivation, and giving opportunities to practice.) (this is by Kendall Powell and although I agree with most that is said, I still am a BIG believer in the old motto of “don’t consume it, create it”!

I think a common fear that parents have in this online digital world is,

“who is working with my child on the the other end of that computer screen?”

Or “Is my child going to get the attention he deserves?

Hey! I’m a parent too and totally get that and you have valid concerns.

So I want you to hear it directly from a mother herself to put yourself at ease with Simply Coding online courses for kids.

I have actually been SUPER IMPRESSED with the level of help and individual attention that my kids have gotten over the last year and a half. My 12 year old son is now completing his own websites & designing his own video games so I can feel less guilty as a parent that he’s sitting in front of computer screens playing video games.

I will be blunt right now with you. STOP FEELING GUILTY!

It comes up a lot the question are there educational benefits of video games? It is not a BAD thing that your son wants to be on the computer. This is a new generation of thinkers. He grew up with a screen in his face whether that be a TV, cell phone, tablet, xbox whereas perhaps you did not. So it’s not uncommon that he is drawn to this. But PLEASE PLEASE get rid of the guilt and change your mindset TODAY! And tell yourself this….

#1 Educational Benefit of Video Games: Screen Time Can Be For Learning

  • Now I get it. You still may want to restrict some computer time, which is understandable.

What I’m trying to say is I want you to take charge of your child’s education. Give him the necessary skills in this face paced world of technology jobs.

I assure you that you’ll feel confident as a parent instead of those feelings of guilt that you’re giving your child the BEST OPPORTUNITY to SUCCEED.

He is going to:

  • Code with an understanding of how a computer thinks.

  • Adapt to future technology advancements.

  • Prepare to seize those education and career opportunities no matter his age.

  • Gain social skills and work ethic.

Have you ever watched Cupcake Wars?

Well…in the video above check out the game design competition officially called, “Code Wars” I did with a few kids. These kids are probably much like your own child with distinct personalities, hobbies, interests, etc.

Also let me know what you think of me walking around the room in a square. Haha! Hopefully this gives you a glimpse of how I will make this fun for your kid too.

educational benefits of video games

So for sake of getting too deep into it, I want to show you what one of the contestants, Josh did in those 2 hours to show you where your child will begin and how he can get to this same point.

WATCH at about minute 4:18 in video above to about 4:54. All the kids did such an AWESOME job!

I want you to know exactly what skills and projects your child will do inside Simpy Coding. I want to give you the opportunity to help your child become college and career ready at whatever age he’s at.

I have developed this whole step by step, self paced coding pathway with proven methods that you saw previously. I want you to know that I’m committed.

In addition to that I’m always looking for the BEST curriculum in technology out there and adding it to our online course catalog.

Here are a few that we will be launching in the next little while:

  • 3D Animation

  • 3D Game Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Solar Engineering

  • ...and pretty much anything else that is going to help your son have a solid career in the future of jobs.

So you may be wondering by now exactly how the courses are setup. I thought you’d never ask! Here you go:

  • Online written tutorials

  • Interactive videos

  • Activities

  • Quizzes & Tests

  • Live Chat Support

  • Video Reviews of each lesson (just in case they didn’t read any of the written stuff.)

  • And More

Any Questions?

I’m standing by here. Just leave a comment below and I’ll respond quickly.

I really do want to hear from you. I want to know what your fears are. What would stop you from taking charge.

Email me or even phone me. My number is right on the website. I want to be transparent as possible. I care about your opinion and actually enjoy hearing from parents like you.

Download a nice INFOGRAPHIC to see the actual pathway of Simply Coding and all the skills & projects your child will be doing.

Now, once again there’s no obligation to buy.

I just want you to see if this is right for your child. Thanks!