Simply Coding 2023!

Join us for the Best Summer Coding Camps kids can experience!

Students will learn to code from great mentors with all coding written and coded on their computer.

This is a step beyond Scratch,, Lego Mindstorm and other block coding programs. They will get to write all the code themselves managing their own workspace!

  • Online Coding Camps over Zoom.
  • Coding camps are for youth ages 11+
    • And one for kids 8+!!!
  • Students keep all their code and online course access forever
  • $125 / camp includes 8 hours of live instructor
  • Live chat support available after camp
  • Best way for kids to learn how to code

See camps offered below! Tons of fun while you gain a great skill.

Camp Descriptions

JUNE 12th – 15th 11am – 1pm CT via Zoom

Create Minecraft Mods in Java Camp for Kids (Ages 11+)

JUNE 12th – 15th 2pm – 4pm CT via Zoom

JavaScript Game Design Camp for Kids (Ages 11+)

JUNE 26th – 29th 11am – 1pm CT via Zoom

Custom Roblox Worlds in LUA Camp for Kids (Ages 11+)

JUNE 26th – 29th 2pm – 4pm CT via Zoom

Scripting Minecraft Command Blocks for Kids (Ages 8+)

Create Minecraft Mods in Java (11+):

Learn how to create your own Java files and add them to the popular game Minecraft!  Students will be managing the files in a program called IntelliJ as they create their own Items, Blocks, Weapons, Armor, Special Items and more! No Minecraft account is needed! They will learn:

  • The structure of Java, including classes, methods & constructors
  • How to create new items, blocks, tools, armor, weapons, mobs and much more.
  • How to add your new code to Minecraft
  • How to package Java files into Jars for other people to use!
  • For PC or Mac computers only
  • Assumes no prior coding knowledge but focuses more on your workspace and managing Java, JSON, and PNG files.

JavaScript Game Design (11+):

Students will learn JavaScript by coding three different browser games.  They will be using a text editor called Sublime Text to write all their code.  They will learn:

  • How to create objects and have them appear on the screen
  • Edit images and create gifs for their games
  • Control objects on the screen with the keyboard
  • Collision detection
  • If statements, arrays, for loops and event listeners
  • Upload Games live to the web using GitHub!
  • For PC, Mac or Chromebooks computers
  • If you have never done JavaScript start here First! Then you can do the others!

Custom Roblox Worlds in LUA (11+):

Students will learn LUA as they create an obstacle course in Roblox with custom scripts!  They will need a free Roblox Account with Roblox Studio to complete this course.  They will learn:

  • How LUA organizes variables, loops, if statements, functions and more!
  • Using Roblox Studio as an UI
  • Using Roblox Studio to add custom scripts
  • Built in Roblox functions to allow for both single and multiplayer interactions
  • How to share their world with others
  • For PC or Mac computers only
  • This course assumes no prior LUA knowledge

Scripting Minecraft Command Blocks (8+):

Students will learn the basics of computer logic as they write scripts inside of Minecraft’s Command Blocks! This course using Java Edition and each student will need their own Java Edition Minecraft Account. They will learn:

  • How to automate summoning items and mobs, like tons of tnt from an arrow
  • How to target different entities like players and mobs
  • How to chain Command Blocks together to make awesome interactions
    • Like an ice track to run boat races.
  • How particles works
    • Make yourself look like iron man or a fire walker
  • For PC or Mac only
  • This course assumes no prior coding knowledge

Why Do These Camps?

Our Goal is to expose youth to code in its real environment with great teachers.  Coding is a lot of fun and become very necessary to learn, especially the basics. They will learn how to code.  Not only do we teach students how to code, but also how to upload it live online to share.  This online portfolio of their code will be very beneficial as they apply for internships and college! See example online portfolio here!