Adventures in Roblox Studios Course

Learn GUI and File Management by learning Roblox Studios with this Roblox Adventures course

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Adventures in Roblox Studio Course

$40.00 one time purchase

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Course Highlights:

  • Use and Learn each section of Roblox Studio
  • Assumes no prior knowledge
  • Each lesson introduces new sets of tools for your next Adventure
  • Video reviews and detailed activities for each lesson
  • Step-by-step activities with videos to help you add code to your website
  • Share your projects or keep them private
  • Live Mentor chat support Mon – Fri
  • Over 10 hours of content

Course Description:

Dive into Roblox Studio and see all the amazing tools you have to create your own Roblox worlds. This kids friendly course walks them through how to use Roblox Studio including creating their own custom drawings.

Place and manipulate walls and objects to build your own custom Roblox Adventure.  Lessons include projects using: manipulating parts, terrain, scripts, solid modeling, textures, toolbox, plugins, particle effects, constraints, lighting, GUI objects, animation, and more! You will need your own Roblox account (free registration) to participate in this course.

We encourage students to use the live chat support for any questions that they may have along the way.  See syllabus here.

Adventures in Roblox Studio Course

This course is designed by professional programmers and updated regularly.  The content itself has been designed based on the feedback of thousands of kids who have helped us test, refine, and perfect our system.  Feedback from our users is very valuable and each summer we provide new free content and updates for those who have purchased this course! This course is part of the Simply Coding Pathway!

See course images and student projects below!