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Every Kid Needs Coding – Don’t Be Left Behind

The skill of the future & why every child needs coding Look around you, computers are everything. I bet you can’t name a job that doesn’t include using a computer – I dare you. It just doesn’t happen. So why not understand them? In a recent report, by the year 2020 5 million jobs will be […]

Social Media Safety

3 Easy Tips to Make Sure Your Kids are Social Media Safe Whether it be Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, social medias can be really fun way to interact with friends. As much fun as they can be, we need to always remember there are real threats to using these tools. Social Media can be […]

Internet Safety; Is Your Child Safe on the Internet?

6 Tips to Help Parents Understand Proper Internet Safety The Internet can be a dangerous place. Without the proper precautions, your child’s safety could be at risk. With one click even kids can access things that would give most adults a stomach ache. So how can you make sure that what they are viewing is […]