Python Coding for Kids Course

Learn to code multiplayer games in Python with live chat support. This is a complete Python coding for kids course taught by Simply Coding. And when can kids learn Python you might ask? We recommend age 12 or older. Python programming for 10 year olds is also acceptable if they can type 15wpm.

python coding for kids

Python Course Objective:

Students will learn to code using a python programming for kids and free coding editor, IDLE, downloaded to their own computer. Students will write all the code themselves following the online lesson tutorials.

These Python coding classes are for both Mac and Windows computers and comes with 11 full Python computer programming lessons. We encourage students to use the live chat support for any questions that they may have along the way.  See coding for kids: python pdf and syllabus

Python Coding for Kids Multiplayer Adventures Course

$50.00 one time purchase

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Python Coding for Kids Course Highlights:

  • Learn Python by coding a text adventure, multiplayer space adventure and multiplayer escape dungeon!
  • Fun interactive python lessons teaching real world coding
  • Step by step activities with video reviews for every lesson
  • Learn how to use the local network and web to host your python code
  • Live Mentor chat support Mon – Fri
  • Over 35 hours of content and python games for kids

Python Coding for Kids Course Description:

Can a kid learn Python? Python coding for kids is making a major comeback in the coding world and is widely used as the first language people are learning today.

How do I teach my kid Python? You don’t need to. This course starts off assuming no prior python experience as you code your own choose your own adventure game. You’ll be introduced, in a fun way, to all the techniques that make python unique.

Your next python project will be coding a ‘client-side’ spaceship to plug into a multiplayer world hosted on one of our servers.  This fun project dives deeper into python using multiple classes and methods.

Last, you’ll code your own HTTP server to design and create a fun multiplayer dungeon escape game! You’ll be exposed to more advanced python techniques as the lessons guide you through everything that makes multiplayer adventures achievable.

python coding for kidsPython Coding for Kids Course Creation:

Why should kids learn Python? This is a question we often get. It is a necessary language in administrating databases. This python coding for kids course is designed by professional programmers and updated regularly.  The content itself has been designed based on the feedback of thousands of kids who have helped us test, refine, and perfect our system. Feedback from our users is very valuable and each summer we provide new free content and updates for those who have purchased this course! Having said that… when can kids learn Python is really up to the parent, but we suggest at least 12 years of age or older. This course is part of the Simply Coding Pathway!

See python course images and student projects below!